St. Therese Annual Mid-Summer Carnival 2021

This year's carnival will be like no other. As always, we can't do this without you. We have many opportunities where you can help. Simply click on the area you want to help and register to give a helping hand.

Please help us help the parish

We have a number of slots available. Simply click on one to see how you can help. Once you decide fill in the short form to register to help.

Setup/Clean Up

Help Church personnel set things up or clean up the carnival after the event

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Help run one of the game booths at the Carnival (18 years or older)

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50-50 Ticket Sales

Help sell 50-50 tickets for our nightly drawing (18 years or older)

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Ride Tickets

Help sell bracelet and individual ride tickets at one of our ticket booths (18 years or older)

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Food Tent

Help cook or help our many customers enjoy some of our delicious food and drink items

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Help collect our admissions fee and welcome our community to our carnival (18 years or older)

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Become a Sponsor Today

This year’s 26th Annual Summer Carnival is right around the corner. Our 2021 carnival will be held July 28-31st. One of the ways we help raise funds is by providing booth sponsorship to the local businesses and organizations.

Questions? Get in touch

If you have any questions please fill out the info below and someone will do their best to help you out.

Where is the carnival?